Tuesday June 1, 2010

On page 17 of the 1851 Christian Experience and Views, we have this comment.

I saw that God had children, who do not see and keep the Sabbath. They had not rejected the light on it. And at the commencement of the time of trouble, we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully. This enraged the churches, and nominal Adventists, as they could not refute the Sabbath truth. And at this time God’s chosen all saw clearly that we had the truth, and they came out and endured the persecution with us. And I saw the sword, famine, pestilence and great confusion in the land. The wicked thought that we had brought the judgments down on them. They rose up and took counsel to rid the earth of us, thinking that then the evil would be stayed. p. 7, Para. 5, [CEV].

Clearly there will persecution in the future. It does appear to be relatively mild at the beginning so as not to prevent the work of the third angel.

In spite of the amount of time now passed, it is my opinion that we have not yet come to this time, simply because this has not happened yet, “we were filled with the Holy Ghost.”

“The commencement of the time of trouble,” here mentioned, does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out; but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the Sanctuary. At that time, while the work of salvation is closing, trouble will be coming on the earth, the nations will be angry, yet held in check, so as not to prevent the work of the third angel. At that time the “latter rain,” or refreshing from the presence of the Lord, will come, to give power to the loud voice of the third angel, and prepare the saints to stand in the period when the seven last plagues shall be poured out. p. 3, Para. 4, [SUPCEV].

Here again we are faced with the urgency of the shortness of time. And now it must of necessity be shorter than before.

I think this statement is where the idea has come from about there being a “little time of trouble.” That particular phrase is not to be found, even in the counterfeit. The compilation book, Last Day Events has a sub-title using that phrase, but that is it.

God Bless your study

Monday May 31, 2010

Here is a very important message from God to us.

The heavenly character must be acquired on earth, or it can never be acquired at all
. No. 17, page 90.

So you are the thief, hanging on the cross. Your suffering is intense. You feel like you are paying the price for your sins, which, in a way, you are. The word “comfort” does not compute. You wish you could pass out, but there is no relief. The pain comes in waves. Your “friend” has been burning up all his energy on his anger, hatred and rage. The foul language rings in your ears.

Jesus, the Christ, is dead. Nature has returned to normal. Time drags. The pain comes in waves. The flies, they are hungry. You used to be able to blow with your mouth a little to shoo them away. Now, air is hard to come by. Everything hurts. Pain, excruciating pain, comes in waves.

You heard Jesus’ words as he accepted your request… before he died. Your “friend” is cursing you now. Satan has been taunting you with all kinds of thoughts. You feel a strange peace inside, as the next wave of excruciating agony breaks over you, it forces a groan from your lips.

Still the bitter cup is held to your lips, still another drink, and another. You are numb to the activity around you. A messenger returns from Pilate to the Centurian in charge. Voices float up to your ears, but the pain envelops your senses. A soldier moves over to Jesus’ cross. You turn your fuzzy vision to see. The soldier shoves his spear into the side of Jesus’ corpse.

Another wave of piercing pain, another drink from the bitter cup. Time drags. The pain comes in waves. Just when you think it can’t get any worse,… it does. You hang. The sun now burns into your skin. You suffer. Time drags. Your “friend” is still cursing those around him.

There is another commotion. You are having a hard time focusing. You are pleading for forgiveness in silent prayer for other sins you are reminded of. You can not speak. A soldier moves over to your “friend’s” cross. You hear a soft grunt, then a sharp snap thunk. A sudden shriek of painful anguish. They are breaking his legs. Then comes the next soft grunt of effort with that sharp snap thunk, and another shriek of pain.

The soldier moves and comes to the foot of your cross.

Following the example of your new Lord and Master, you pray, “Father forgive them.”
The soft grunt, then a sharp snap thunk as the club breaks through the bones and bounces off the wood.

Soon now, it won’t be long, the bitter cup will be empty for you. God gave it to you, to purify and cleanse you. CEV page 28

Sunday May 30, 2010

I hope you download all of the Brisbin book. Save it to your computer. He has a quote from the first edition of Testimonies to Ministers. You can find it on page 13, item No. 32. This is how the statement first appeared, with the correct text. But the brothern could not stand it, it was too harsh of a statement; so they changed it, in 1923, 44, then in 1965 they just dropped the text totally.

On page 15 we read about Uriah Smith’s influence to keep testimonies from the church. Perhaps this is where all the “unpublished material” comes from.

This book is like a “Who’s Who” of quotations from the SOP against the church. Page after page of damning evidence about what the church has been doing. Of course he was only writing about what he knew in his day. My own father was born in 1919. We place the publication of the book circa 1927, from evidence on page 36. My Dad was too young to know anything of what Elder Brisbin knew. What could I know?

Check out what it says on page 28, “The purposes of those who have tried to cover up their wrong, while they have secretly worked against the purposes of God, will be fully revealed. Truth will be vindicated.”

And so it is. In that day those men had no clue that some carpenter with a computer could unravel in minutes all they had so hard labored to cover up. My first comparison of the 1884 GC with the 1911 GC took the computer about 20 minutes to do. Later I re-did the work and went chapter by chapter to get a more accurate picture.

Enjoy the reading. If you have been at this any time at all, you will not find much new.

I will say a word more about the counterfeit. In my opinion, no material produced after 1881 is safe to consider as the word of God. I do consider Ellen’s work, before James’ death, protected by James in the providence of God, as the word of God, and I treat it as such. There are exceptions to note from time to time.

I do not take statements from the counterfeit as actionable items. That is to say, I will not act as if that counsel came from God. I have been at this too long in the short time it’s been since I started. Using the computer to search out statements and finding certain patterns that show up time after time. I’ll give you an example. Signs of the Times magazine is continually showing up as a source of strong counterfeit statements.

You have been warned

Sabbath May 29, 2010 12:40 PM

Thank you for waiting, your surprise is ready.

Here it is, famous or infamous, the Brisbin Book.

Now available for the first time on-line. Feel free to distribute.

Titled, “Are Seventh-Day Adventists Doing God’s Will?”

God Bless your Study

Sabbath May 29, 2010

NOTE: I just fixed the links to the chapter-by-chapter comparison of the 1884 GC to the 1911 GC. I do not know how long they have been not working, but now all work on that page.

Please feel free to write and let me know if something is not working. Thank you.


Testimony for the Church. No. 30.
The last authenticated Testimony for the Church, before James White’s death.

I was reading this testimony and came to page 99. This page starts a section titled, “The Tract Societies.” A rather benign title, I thought. As I was reading a feeling began coming over me. I started to feel like I was reading a benediction. I had the feeling as if God, knowing the future of course, was giving a farewell speech. It was as if it were hidden, there for the insiders, but not for the masses. Kinda like Christ speaking the parables to the leadership.

Give it a read and let me know how it affects you.


Much of the 1851 Christian Experience and Views came from the Present Truth articles. There is much, very much of value in the Present Truth articles.

On page 29 of CEV, there is a break toward the bottom and a new sub-section starts. Right there is where a portion was left in the Present Truth, No. 4, page 32 and this is the only place it appears. Important information is in this section. I am posting it here for your study.

The Lord has shown me that precious souls are starving, and dying for want of the present, sealing truth, the meat in due season; and that the swift messengers should speed on their way, and feed the flock with the present truth. I heard an Angel say, “speed the swift messengers, speed the swift messengers; for the case of every soul will soon be decided, either for Life, or for Death.”
I saw that those who had the means, were required to help speed those messengers, that God had called to labor in his cause, and as they went from place to place, they would be safe from the prevailing pestilence. But if any went that were not sent of God, they would be in danger of being cut down by the pestilence; therefore all should earnestly seek for duty, and be sure and move by the direction of the Holy Spirit.
What we have seen and heard of the pestilence, is but the beginning of what we shall see and hear. Soon the dead and dying will be all around us. I saw that some will be so hardened, as to even make sport of the judgements of God. Then the slain of the Lord will be from one end of the earth, to the other; they will not be lamented, gathered, nor buried; but their ill savor will come up from the face of the whole earth. Those only who have the seal of the living God, will be sheltered from the storm of wrath, that will soon fall on the heads of those who have rejected the truth.


If all goes well, by God’s power, I will have a small surprise for you later this Sabbath day.

God Bless

Friday May 28, 2010

I am continuing reading and thinking about the information in the 1851 Christian Experience and Views. I am continually amazed at the constant reference to the idea of the immediate second coming of Christ. The use of such words as, now, soon, shortly, very short, quickly, little time left, &c., has a tenancy to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Apparently this is the way God wants us to think. It seems to have something to do with keeping the world at bay from our affections. Just look at the beauty and fullness of the early visions. We have before us a truly huge and gripping word picture of Heaven. Who on earth, of even the richest, has a solid gold shelf in their house???

Quick now, rip off a list of names of people, rich or poor, who are living ever since they were born? It’s only the ones that have not yet died. How about wings? Most people have to go to the airport for those, right? Well, in the early visions she saw the little ones climb or use their wings to get up a hill!

When is the last time you read about brothers Fitch and Stockman coming up and asking about what life was like before Christ’s coming, and the answer was… “We tried to call up our greatest trials, but they looked so small in compared with the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory that surrounded us, that we could not speak them out, ….”

How often have you found yourself “… continually shouting and offering praises to God [?]”

Maybe you should try it out. You might like it. Wouldn’t hurt to get in practice.

We have a real God. One who searches continually the earth, looking for some Rahab, some Naomi, the honest in heart to rescue. (p. 96, Para. 2, [15OT].) He weighs things on scales, the like of which we barely fathom. He counts the hairs on your head. You say you love your child, tell us, stand forth and declare to us, how many hairs are on the head of your child???

God loves us enough to tell us how to stay healthy while the world is falling apart around us. How to live so we can help him rescue the honest in heart. Maybe you will need to be one of the spies to go in to the city and find Rahab. Hear her words as she tell the men, “I know…,” and what did she know. She heard the sound of the true shepherd’s voice, that’s what Christ said. “My sheep hear my voice” and she told the men, “for the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath.”

And this same God brought you to hear the truth that you might choose life.

God Bless your path

Thursday May 27, 2010

I am so thankful that God has preserved this original material for us at this day.
Lost, is where I would be without it, just hopeless. I was searching before. I even went on a long trip out in the wilds, just to be alone,… time to think. Which is a story for another day. But, without a guide to the right path, all the worldly stuff I had been into just crammed my airways, constantly sending me on some course to waste time.

This little book, Christian Experience and Views, published in 1851, is so beautiful. It’s much like the 1858 Great Controversy. Of course the Present Truth articles and early Advent Review articles are just treasures too. Largely, the early publications were the ones that set the path we travel today. I highly recommend that you get your copy, you can download them for free, and review them on a frequent basis.

We are doing that right now.

On page 17 of CEV, we find this statement.

In the ark, was the golden pot of manna, Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tables of stone which folded together like a book.
p. 7, Para. 3, [CEV].

Then in Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, we find this statement.

Because of Israel’s transgression of the commandments of God, and their wicked acts, God suffered them to go into captivity, to humble and punish them. Before the temple was destroyed, God made known to a few of his faithful servants the fate of the temple, which was the pride of Israel, and which they regarded with idolatry, while they were sinning against God. He also revealed to them the captivity of Israel. These righteous men, just before the destruction of the temple, removed the sacred ark containing the tables of stone, and, with mourning and sadness, secreted it in a cave where it was to be hid from the people of Israel, because of their sins, and was to be no more restored to them. That sacred ark is yet hid. It has never been disturbed since it was secreted. p. 414, Para. 3, [1SP].

Apparently God took the special items out of the earthly ark and placed them in the heavenly ark. Now none of this is really important to our salvation, but I remember wondering just what the story was.

And now you know.

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Here is another passage to go with yesterdays.

It was the plan of the Almighty to frequently bring the children of Israel into straight places, and then, in their great necessity, to deliver them by his power, that they might recognize his special regard for them, and glorify his name.
p. 329, Para. 2, [2SP].

Here, in this world, now, is where my probation continues. I Praise God that he has such great mercy toward me, a great sinner.


I was reading from the 1851 Christian Experience and Views, which is bound together with the 1854 Supplement. This book is available from Leaves of Autumn.

In the first pages of the Supplement are some notes of explanation about statements made in the 1851 CEV. Our first note is about what was said on page 17 of CEV.

(NOTE: There is some difference in the pagination of the on-line .pdf book CEV and the hard copy which I am using. It is very easy to use the search feature of Adobe Reader to find the right spot.)

“The commencement of the time of trouble,” here mentioned, does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out; but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the Sanctuary. At that time, while the work of salvation is closing, trouble will be coming on the earth, the nations will be angry, yet held in check, so as not to prevent the work of the third angel. At that time the “latter rain,” or refreshing from the presence of the Lord, will come, to give power to the loud voice of the third angel, and prepare the saints to stand in the period when the seven last plagues shall be poured out. p. 3, Para. 4, [SUPCEV].

This note needs to be put together with some information from page 19 of CEV.

I saw that the anger of the nations, the wrath of God, and the time to judge the dead, were separate events, one following the other. I saw that Michael had not stood up, and that the time of trouble, such as never was, had not yet commenced. The nations are now getting angry, but when our High Priest has finished his work in the Sanctuary, he will stand up, put on the garments of vengeance, and then the seven last plagues will be poured out. p. 9, Para. 1, [CEV].

We are focusing on our current position in the stream of prophecy. Again, CEV was published in 1851 with the Supplement in 1854. There are NO authenticated SOP statements giving “new light” that our position is any different. NONE.

That means that all the wars that have happened in the last 156 years are nothing but the
“anger of the nations” or “the nations are now getting angry.” Until “The commencement of the time of trouble” (from Supplement) arrives, nothing changes.

Having said that, we wait, patiently; in the meantime, developing our characters for Heaven.

I was going to move on to a second point, but I have found something else that bears on our current point. On page 24 of CEV is the following.

I saw that the powers of earth are now being shaken, and that events come in order. War, and rumors of war, sword, famine and pestilence, are first to shake the powers of earth, then the voice of God will shake the Sun, Moon and Stars, and this earth also. I saw that the shaking of the powers in Europe is not (as some teach) the shaking of the powers of heaven, but it is the shaking of the angry nations. p. 11, Para. 2, [CEV].

It appears to me that we are in the period of “War, and rumors of war.” Now I want to show you something else from our paragraph on page 17 of CEV.

And at the commencement of the time of trouble, we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully. This enraged the churches, and nominal Adventists, as they could not refute the Sabbath truth. And at this time God’s chosen all saw clearly that we had the truth, and they came out and endured the persecution with us. [ I place the close of probation at this point in this passage. ] And I saw the sword, famine, pestilence and great confusion in the land. The wicked thought that we had brought the judgments [plagues] down on them. They rose up and took counsel to rid the earth of us, thinking that then the evil would be stayed. p. 7, Para. 5, [CEV].

In brackets above is where I place the close of probation. Notice the words which follow; sword, famine, and pestilence. Compare now with just above that where it talks of war. There you see the same line-up; sword, famine, and pestilence. Notice also that war is not a part of the scene after the close of probation. This is interesting.

If I am correct about this understanding, then we can expect “War, and rumors of war,” right through to the close of probation. THEN, sword, famine, and pestilence, will be taking their turn  shaking the powers of earth, UNTIL, the voice of God shakes the Sun, Moon and Stars; also initiates the special resurrection, which raises those who sleep, having kept the Sabbath.

We do not know what the meaning of “sword” is, if not war, but this could be the time many anticipate, where it will be everyone, against each other.

God Bless your study

Tuesday May 25, 2010

Praise God for afflictions and trials!

It hurts. But God is preparing us for Heaven.
We are in the time of the “anger of the nations” and “the last days” and “the patient waiting time” and “the antitypical Day of Atonement” and “the third angel’s message” or “the last message of mercy” and “… well, there probably is more.

Here is where we really are, the time of preparation for Heaven.
No matter what goes on around you, civil war, societal collapse, .gov collapse, you name it collapse, nothing else matters except your personal preparation for Heaven.

All Heaven is intently watching the character you are developing.

I have been having more difficulties with my vehicle. Well today, I finished my part. I was sure all would be well because I had just got it back from the shop on Friday and I just had to do one thing and all should be well. Only it was not well. After an aborted test run and just barely getting back, I went in and sat down with this deep sick feeling coming all over.

Why is it so hard to understand? Lord, what is happening here? What do you want me to do? Did I do something wrong? Just this morning I was praying that I wanted to be right with God.

I’m sitting there and pick up Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, and start reading where it opened. This is the story about the Israelites traveling in the wilderness.

The Lord was willing that they should be brought short in their food, and that they should meet with difficulties, that their hearts should turn to him who had hitherto helped them, that they might believe in him. He was ready to be to them a present help. If, in their want, they would call upon him, he would manifest to them tokens of his love and continual care. But they seemed to be unwilling to trust the Lord any further than they could witness before their eyes the continual evidences of his power. If they had possessed true faith and a firm confidence in God, inconveniences and obstacles, or even real suffering, would have been cheerfully borne, after the Lord had wrought in such a wonderful manner for their deliverance from servitude. Moreover, the Lord promised them if they would obey his commandments, no disease should rest upon them; for he says, “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” p. 221, Para. 2, [1SP].

The unbelief and murmurings of the children of Israel illustrate the people of God now upon the earth.
Many look back to them, and marvel at their unbelief and continual murmurings, after the Lord had done so much for them, in giving them repeated evidences of his love and care for them. They think that they should not have proved thus ungrateful. But some who thus think, murmur and repine at things of less consequence. They do not know themselves. God frequently proves them, and tries their faith in small things; and they do not endure the trial any better than did ancient Israel. p. 223, Para. 1, [1SP].

Many have their present wants supplied, yet they will not trust the Lord for the future. They manifest unbelief, and sink into despondency and gloom, at anticipated want. Some are in continual trouble lest they shall come to want, and their children suffer. When difficulties arise, or when they are brought into strait places–when their faith and their love to God are tested–they shrink from the trial, and murmur at the process by which God has chosen to purify them. Their love does not prove pure and perfect, to bear all things. The faith of the people of the God of Heaven should be strong, active, and enduring–the substance of things hoped for. Then the language of such will be, Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name; for he hath dealt bountifully with me. Selfdenial is considered by some to be real suffering. Depraved appetites are indulged. And a restraint upon the unhealthy appetite would lead even many professed Christians to now start back, as though actual starvation would be the consequence of a plain diet. And, like the children of Israel, they would prefer slavery, diseased bodies, and even death, rather than to be deprived of the flesh-pots. Bread and water is all that is promised to the remnant in the time of trouble. p. 223, Para. 2, [1SP].

I came to realize that this vehicle difficulty is actually “the process by which God has chosen to purify” me. After studying this passage some more, I came to the realization that God wants to be a part of the solution; rather, to participate with me in the solution. My personal  organization is very independent, I often work alone. It seems God wants to be closer to me. I guess so, we are planning to spend eternity together.

Then I thought of Elijah who prayed, then checked, prayed, then checked, seven times. I went and checked, it started right up and although everything is not correct, I completed the test run and if God wills, I will use it tomorrow.

God help us, all who are willing, to get ready.

Monday May 24, 2010

Here is the dilemma.

In the Redemption Series, 1 – 8, there is a serious problem in Redemption No. 2, page 11. [ Special Note: This link is to a comparison of Red. No. 2 with the Desire of Ages, it’s all I have ] This book carries a publication date of 1874, which is well within James White’s lifetime. But it is very clear that someone else created or edited this book. That someone appears to have been a servant of Satan.

First, on page 9 (Red. No.2) we are told that Eve was speaking out her thoughts, or talking to herself out loud. This is the opposite of what is said in Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, page 35.

Second, on page 10 (Red. No.2) it declares that Satan tells Eve that she was created immortal and that is the reason she can not die. But, in Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, page 38, God tells us that Satan reasoned with Eve that because she had eaten of the tree of life she could not die.

Third, on page 11 (Red. No. 2) this book says that Eve “overstated” God’s command. The editor claims that Eve added the words, “neither shall ye touch it,” to God’s words. Remember this, Eve was perfect and sinless, she would have had no thought of telling a lie; of changing the words of God.

The Bible tells us that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” therefore in these words, of the editor, whoever that is, the editor is revealing his own heart, which is evil, and is out to change the words of God, written by the hand of his servant Ellen.

On page 35 of the Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, God tells us the truth. That Eve “…was reasoning with herself why God had so decidedly prohibited their eating or touching it.” (the tree)

Upon closer examination there may be other points to consider also. I consider these enough to condemn the book.

I will here state that within this website you will find and see marks of my own personal growth in these matters. There are supporting references, given from materials that I now hold in question, to be found throughout the site. I have not “cleaned up” these matters yet, and it may be some time before I get to them. You are advised to “prove all things” yourself!

God Bless your study