Sabbath May 1, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 42

Surly we walk with the Lord in the light of his word. I love that little text, “ But if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin.” So much is encapsulated in those few words!

We now have evidence of some timing on Ezekiel 9. Also confirmation of the insight I was impressed with about the symbols. Something I had read before, but it was just not time for me to understand it.

The following paragraph comes from The Advent Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, page 16. It is an excerpt from the last letter of a Sister Elvira Hastings, a believer, just before she died in the faith. It also notes a vision Ellen had in June, 1849.

The angel from the east having the seal of the living God, and the man clothed in linen spoken of in Ezekiel, having a writer’s ink horn by his side, are one and the same thing; they have already gone forth to set a mark or seal upon all them that sigh and cry for the abomination done in the land. Please read this whole vision, (Ezekiel ix.,) see the slaughtering men right behind, whose eyes are not to spare men, women, nor children. Here is just where we are in times history; the work is fast closing up. And here I would remark, that Sister Ellen White saw in vision, last June, five angels with rolls in their hands. She asked her accompanying angel what they meant; he told her she should know hereafter. In September she saw them with their rolls open, and they were writing names, while at the same time they were anxiously looking down watching the words and actions of those who were candidates for the seal.”

Here is beautiful confirmation of what we have been studying! It is the same as what the pioneers have believed. Also notice the information on the vision. It is telling us exactly what the slaying is that is taking place. It is the process of the Day of Atonement judgment.

Here is a further confirmation from the 1858 Great Controversy.

The work of this angel comes in at the right time, and joins in the last great work of the third angel’s message, as it swells into a loud cry. p. 193, Para. 2, [1SG].

In the highlighted phrase above, we find evidence of the fact that Philadelphia has been at this work since June, 1849. It had to have already been in existence for the phrase to be correct.

Further confirmation is found in the next paragraph.

Many profess to be looking for the speedy coming of Christ, are becoming conformed to this world, and seek more earnestly the applause of those around them, than the approbation of God. They are cold and formal, like the nominal church, that they but a short time since separated from. The words addressed to the Laodicean Church, describe their present condition perfectly. See Rev. iii, 14-20. They are “neither cold nor hot,” but “lukewarm.” And unless they heed the counsel of the “faithful and True Witness,” and zealously repent, and obtain “gold tried in the fire,” “white raiment,” and “eye-salve,” he will spue them out of his mouth. p. 26, Para. 4, [SUPCEV].

The Supplement was published in 1854, but this portion is from the Advent Review, June 10, 1852.

More to come.
God Bless your Sabbath study.

Friday April 30, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 41

No. 15, very interesting. I have been reading ahead of where we left off yesterday and we need to look into this a bit. Remember when we discovered this point in No.23, page 26?

I have been shown that all are not fitted to correct the erring.

And skipping down a few sentences….

There are many who do not have the discretion of Joshua, and who have no special duty to search out wrongs, and to deal promptly with the sins existing among them.

Referring now to Ezekiel 9, we read the following excerpts, for a quick review.

Them that have charge over the city… every man with his destroying weapon in his hand… and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand… and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side… and set a mark upon the foreheads…

All the men have a slaughter weapon. Five are specifically instructed to slay. We now understand the five to represent the first five churches of Revelation, with the one in linen being the sixth, which is Philadelphia. To Philadelphia is given a special work. This work is the very same as the work of the third angel’s message.

Philadelphia CAN slay if necessary, but it’s main work is love. This is why Philadelphia tenders the last message of mercy. Thus we say it is the church of brotherly love. James and Ellen have through the Testimonies, become part and parcel of the five men whose main work is slaying. ( This is by virtue of the fact that the Testimonies are not to give new light, No. 20, page 44, but are God’s own chosen way to simplify the Bible )

Now we are ready to look further into No. 15.

About this time we commenced labor for our brethren and friends near Greenville. As is the case in many places, our brethren around us needed help. And there were those who kept the Sabbath, yet did not belong to the church, and also some who had given up the Sabbath, who needed help. We felt disposed to help these poor souls, but the past course of leading members of the church in relation to these persons, and their present position, made it almost impossible for us to approach them. In laboring with the erring, some of our brethren had been too rigid, too cutting in remarks. And when some were disposed to reject their counsel, and separate from them, they would say, “Well, if they want to go off, let them go.” These poor, erring, inexperienced souls, buffeted by Satan, with such a want of the compassion, and long-suffering, and tenderness manifested by Jesus, were certain to make shipwreck of faith. However great may be the wrongs and sins of the erring, our brethren must learn to manifest not only the tenderness of the Great Shepherd, but also his undying care and love for the poor, straying sheep. Our ministers toil and lecture, week after week, and rejoice that a few souls embrace the truth; and yet, brethren of a prompt, decided turn of mind may, in five minutes, destroy their work by indulging in the feelings which prompt actions and words like these, “”Well, if they want to leave us, let them go.” p. 10, Para. 2, [15OT].

We found that we could do nothing for the scattered sheep near us until we had first corrected the wrongs in many of the members of the church. They had let these poor souls wander. They took on no burdens for them. In fact, they seemed shut up to themselves, and were dying a spiritual death for want of spiritual exercise. They still loved the general cause, and were ready to help sustain it. They would take good care of the servants of God. But there was decidedly a want of care for widows, orphans, and the feeble of the flock. Besides some interest for the cause in general, there was but little apparent interest for any only their own families. With so narrow a religion they were dying a spiritual death. p. 11, Para. 1, [15OT].

This is decidedly a picture of brotherly love which needs to be painted by the church members. This is fully applicable to God’s people throughout the world until the close of probation when the burden for sinners will leave God’s people.

The major portion of the next few pages in No. 15 are devoted to this point. We have a duty to keep the slaughter weapon “in our hand” AND keep our main work before our eyes; to seek and save the lost.

Here are a few more excerpts from No. 15.

The ninety and nine sheep are left, and diligent search is made for the one that is lost…. That church that engages successfully in this work, is a happy church….. My husband spoke with clearness and force upon the parable of the lost sheep…. The subject touched the hearts of all, and all manifested a desire to get right…. But there is virtue in venturing something. Perchance we may entertain angels…. I was shown years ago that God’s people would be tested upon this point of making homes for the homeless. That there would be many without homes in consequence of their believing the truth. Opposition and persecution would deprive believers of their homes.

This last line appears to be something we will face in the near future.

God Bless

Thursday April 29, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 40

Continuing in No. 15, three more points of interest. I was impressed that these three points needed to be brought out to further show the beautiful harmony within the Spirit of Prophecy and with the Bible. The author is the same.

Feel free to read in context. It is a wonderful story of the labors of James and Ellen for the early church. You may find other points that will speak to your heart.

For our first point we look at a public reproof, dropping into the middle of the story, noticing in particular comments made about this process, for here is a story of slaughter by the men of Ezekiel 9.

Her pride was touched as I brought out her faults in so public a manner. Here was evidently the main difficulty. But why should she feel thus? The brethren and sisters knew these things were so, therefore I was not informing them of anything new. But I doubt not that it was new to this sister. She did not know herself, and could not properly judge of her own words and acts. This is in a degree true of nearly all, hence the necessity of faithful reproofs in the church, and the cultivation of love for the plain testimony by all its members. p. 7, Para. 2, [15OT].

In this statement we have the great focal point of Ezekiel 9; the message of the Philadelphia church to the Laodicean church; the work and leading position of the Spirit of Prophecy in the building up of the true church in preparation for Heaven.

Her husband seemed to feel unreconciled to my bringing out her faults before the church, and stated that if Sister White had followed the directions of our Lord in Matt. xviii, 15-17, he should not have felt hurt–“[text quoted]” p. 7, Para. 3, [15OT].

My husband then stated that he should understand that these words of our Lord had reference to cases of personal trespass, and could not be applied in the case of his wife. She had not trespassed against Sister White. But that which had been reproved publicly, was public wrongs which threatened the prosperity of the church and the cause. Here, said my husband, is a text applicable to the case. 1 Tim. v, 20. “Them that sin, rebuke before all, that others also may fear.” p. 8, Para. 1, [15OT].

Our second point is, specific biblical support for the work of the Spirit of Prophecy, as illustrated by the above.

After returning home, I sent to her for a copy of the testimony, and, April 15th, received the following, dated at Denmark, April 11, 1865. p. 9, Para. 2, [15OT].

“Sister White: Yours of the 23d ult. is at hand. Am sorry I cannot comply with your request.” p. 9, Para. 3, [15OT].

And here we have the slaughter. This woman has selected herself out. I suppose we could call it spiritual suicide. Notice how everything is going along just fine, especially from a worldly view, until the Testimonies are brought forth. It is the Testimonies, which do not bring out new, or additional, light (No. 20, pages 42-49) but simplify the great truths already given, in partnership with the Bible that does the slaying. The great message of truth is and has ever been the same, choose you this day whom ye will serve!

I shall still cherish the tenderest feelings of regard for this family, and shall be happy to help them when I can. It is true that such things in those for whom I give my life, cast a shade of sadness over me; but my course has been too plainly marked out for me to let such things keep me from the path of duty. As I returned from the post office with the above note, on the 15th day of April, 1568, feeling rather depressed in spirit, I took the Bible in my hand, and opened it with the prayer that therein I might find comfort and support, and my eye rested directly upon the following words of the prophet: “Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command thee; be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound thee before them. For, behold, I have made thee this day a defensed city, and an iron pillar, and brazen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priests thereof, and against the people of the land. And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.” Jer. i, 17-19. p. 9, Para. 4, [15OT].

For our third point we direct your attention to Obadiah, verse 1, Edom, or Esau, says, “let us rise up against her in battle.” We have here God confirming the connection between these two texts and the Spirit of Prophecy.

God Bless you

Wednesday April 28, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 39

We need to pick up one thought from yesterday. Here is the excerpt.

Notice in particular this line, “I was told to cut them out, and hang them up all ready to be made when called for.” It has been almost 100 years since Ellen passed away. Little did she know at the time just how far into the future she was building for.

We only touched on this point and there is more here. Every time someone accepts the truth of the third angel’s message, part of that truth is the acceptance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As you think about this, consider the position of the GCSDA church on this point. People need to be taught about the word of God, the Spirit of Prophecy writings. As they accept, they are calling for the garments that Ellen was cutting out in the dream.

They are opening the door to the knock of Christ and accepting the Philadelphia message of brotherly love; AND they are embracing the chastening, reproof and correction of Christ, the pruning voice that separates from sin. The preparation for Heaven has begun. The character is being formed.

1.) The Midnight Cry was the herald of the great anti-typical Day of Atonement.

2.) The third angel’s message started October 23, 1844, with the vision given to Hiram Edson in the cornfield.

3.) The Sealing time started with the start of the third angel’s message.

4.) The Shaking started January 26, 1850.

5.) It’s been 160 years since the above.

Satan was trying his every art to hold them where they were, until the sealing was past, and the covering drawn over God’s people, and they left out, without a shelter from the burning wrath of God, in the seven last plagues. p. 12, Para. 4, [CEV].

God has begun to draw this covering over his people, and it will soon be drawn over all who are to have a shelter in the day of slaughter. God will work in power for his people; and Satan will be permitted to work also. p. 12, Para. 5, [CEV].

The book Christian Experience and Views was published in 1851. It appears that God drew the covering over the ones who were to be saved.

I saw that Satan was at work in these ways to distract, deceive, and draw away God’s people, just now in this sealing time. I saw some who were not standing stiffly for present truth. Their knees were trembling, and their feet were sliding, because they were not firmly planted on the truth, and the covering of Almighty God could not be drawn over them while they were thus trembling. p. 12, Para. 4, [CEV].

If you lived back in the 1800’s and you died while not really accepting present truth, you were not covered with the covering of God. You were slaughtered. Not saved. Same is true of today.

It seems the imagery of men with slaughtering weapons in hand and being told to slay and get blood all over things, is to impress us with the seriousness of the issue at hand.

God Bless your response as the Holy Spirit through the Spirit of Prophecy seeks to prepare you for Heaven.

Tuesday April 27, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 38

Today’s portion is from Testimony No.15. Though at first glance it may not appear to have a bearing on the subject, give it a read and we will draw some lines.

On the evening of the 5th, Bro. Andrews spoke to the people in our house of worship. But, most of that evening I was in a fainting, breathless condition, supported by my husband. When Bro. Andrews returned from the meeting, they had a special season of prayer for me, and I found some relief. That night I slept well, and in the morning, though feeble, felt wonderfully relieved and encouraged. I had dreamed that a person brought to me a web of white cloth, and bade me cut it into garments for persons of all sizes, and all descriptions of character, and circumstances in life. I was told to cut them out, and hang them up all ready to be made when called for. I had the impression that many for whom I was required to cut garments were unworthy. I inquired if that was the last piece of cloth I should have to cut, and was told that it was not. That as soon as I had finished this one, there were others for me to take hold of. I felt discouraged at the amount of work before me, and stated that I had been engaged in cutting garments for others, for more than twenty years, and my labors had not been appreciated, neither did I see that my work had accomplished much good. I spoke to the person who brought the cloth to me, of one woman in particular, for whom he had told me to cut a garment. I stated that she would not prize the garment, and that it would be a loss of time and material, to present her a garment. She was very poor, of inferior intellect, and untidy in her habits, and would soon soil the garment. p. 3, Para. 1, [15OT].

The person replied: “Cut out the garments. That is your duty. The loss is not yours, but mine. God sees not as man sees. He lays out the work that he would have done, and you do not know which will prosper, this or that. It will be found that many such poor souls will go into the kingdom, while others, who are surrounded with all the blessings of life, having good intellects, and their surroundings pleasant, giving them all the advantages of improvement, will be left out. It will be seen that these poor souls have lived up to the feeble light which they have had, and have improved by the limited means within their reach, much more acceptably than some others have lived, who have enjoyed full light, and ample means for improvement.” p. 3, Para. 2, [15OT].

I then held up my hands, calloused as they were with long use of the shears, and stated that I could but shrink at the thought of pursuing this kind of labor. The person repeated again: p. 4, Para. 1, [15OT].

“Cut out the garments. Your release has not yet come.” p. 4, Para. 2, [15OT].

With feelings of great weariness I arose to engage in the work. Before me lay new, polished shears, which I commenced using. At once my feelings of weariness and discouragement left me, the shears seemed to cut with hardly an effort on my part, and I cut out garment after garment, with comparative ease. p. 4, Para. 3, [15OT].

Notice in particular this line, “I was told to cut them out, and hang them up all ready to be made when called for.” It has been almost 100 years since Ellen passed away. Little did she know at the time just how far into the future she was building for.

When the man in linen comes knocking at your door, what is your response?

There are five men behind him, every one ready to use the slaughter weapon already in hand.

We have shown how the man with the writers inkhorn is a figure of the third angel.
What was your response to the third angel’s message? Actually, the chances are quite high that you have never heard the third angel’s message properly given.

Download and read the Biblical Institute lectures for one of the best understandings. Notice in particular that, based upon our understanding of biblical prophecy, Josiah Litch accurately predicted the fall from supremacy of the Ottoman empire, to the very day. Page 266-267

Perhaps this dearth of a clear understanding of the real message is why the 1858 Great Controversy has this to say.

The minds of all who embrace this message are directed to the Most Holy place where JESUS stands before the ark, making his final intercession for all those for whom mercy still lingers, and for those who have ignorantly broken the law of GOD. p. 162, Para. 1, [GC58].

And this:

The light that was shed upon the waiting ones penetrated everywhere, and those who had any light in the churches, who had not heard and rejected the three messages, answered to the call, and left the fallen churches.

Here it is more specific listing that there are three messages, NOT just the third.

We will add tomorrow.

God Bless your study

Monday April 26, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 37

It is very instructive, I think, to notice the ratio of those who slaughter vs those who mark. Clearly the primary work of the third angel is to mark, “He is the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares, and seal or bind the wheat for the heavenly garner.” Page 38 of the Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views.

Even the disciples ignored the mockers, they only counted the believers. 3,000 that first day.

Sunday April 25, 2010

Ezekiel 9 – Part 36

We decided to have a second meeting this afternoon to help cover the major portion of the points of connection surrounding this great truth. In the future we will have to write up an article on this subject for general use.

We did come to the conclusion that as supporters of the Spirit of Prophecy and being on God’s side in this great “game”; yet not being fitted by God to do this special work of reproof and correction, it is our place to promote the Spirit of Prophecy to it’s rightful place before whoever will accept the message of the third angel. Then, it is the office of the Holy Spirit to work through the Testimonies and do the necessary slaying.

The major exception being that of open rebellion against the plainest word of God. There is a possible parallel in the account of Acts 15:28.

32.) In my current understanding, Obadiah is a description of the final events. For now we will look at verses 17 – 18.

But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.

Jacob was the one who wanted the birthright; both Jacob and Joseph were separated from their brothern; both were prophets, for God communicated with them; both were favored by God because of their faithfulness; both play a role figuring the people of the Philadelphia church.

Very interesting in this verse is the fact stated that the fire of the loud cry will be started, or “kindled” in the church; which is what Esau represents, the one who rejected the Spirit of Prophecy, the birthright.

God Bless your study

Sabbath Apr 24, 2010 4:55 PM

Ezekiel 9 – Part 36

25.) Another parallel is Moses. Moses figures those Philadelphians who started the advent faith and have died in the faith just before going into the promised land; then will be subject to  a special resurrection. Moses also wrote a testimony AGAINST the people. This testimony was placed in the side of the ark. Some material Moses wrote was the word of God and is included in the Bible we use today. Moses was given a vision of the land of promise before he died.

26.) Elijah is another. He figures the ones translated without seeing death. He gave the original Elijah message. He is the one who called all Israel to choose which side they were going to be on.

27.) Both these men met with Christ at the transfiguration, representing both parts of the Philadelphia church.

28.) The light of the Midnight Cry shone on the path the advent people were traveling all the way to the city. Walking in the light of the Midnight Cry is walking in the Philadelphia message, which is the third angel’s message.

29.) Just an interesting point, the sixth church is also the sixth man in Ezekiel 9, with the inkhorn.

30.) We are not to “move a block or stir a pin in these messages.” (1858 GC, page 168)

31.) Laodicea was warned that if God spared not the natural branches, neither would he spare the grafted. Romans 11:21 And Laodicea would be “spued out” not kept.

32.) Now we are up to Obadiah 1 and all that is included. To follow.

Sabbath Apr 24, 2010 1:18 PM

Ezekiel 9 – Part 35

20.) It is the church of Philadelphia that reflects the image of Christ. They gave (past tense) the call “Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him!”

21.) Philadelphia actually gives the message to the Laodicean church. Here is how. Philadelphia represents the early advent believers. They were the ones who “developed” (we will use this word for now, it may not be the best) this third angel’s message. God gave us this connection.

I was shown like this. The truth once got out now, will stand; for it is the truth for the last days, and it will live, and less need to be said upon the truth after it is out. Numberless words need not be put upon paper to justify what speaks for itself, and shines in its clearness. p. 14, Para. 2, [SUPCEV].

I saw that the shepherds should consult those in whom they have reason to have confidence, those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth, before they advocate new points of importance, which they may think the Bible sustains. Then the shepherds will be perfectly united, and the union of the shepherds will be felt by the church. Such a course I saw would prevent unhappy divisions, and then there would be no danger of the precious flock being divided, and the sheep scattered, without a shepherd. p. 26, Para. 3, [CEV].

There is no new truth. There is no other way to Heaven. The truth we need has been “once got out now, will stand; for it is the truth for the last days, and it will live,” and those who say they have new light on some subject are supposed to check with the pioneers, “those in whom they have reason to have confidence, those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth,” and the only way they can do that is to read the books that the pioneers left behind, for “their works do follow them.” (Revelation 14:13)

22.) The Philadelphia church starts and finishes the third angel’s message. The pioneers started it and the final remnant pick up the baton from the mold, mildew and the dust of neglect, to carry it to a triumphant finale!

23.) We believe there is a large parallel between the cleansing of the temple by Christ, two times; with the Midnight Cry, paralleling the first cleansing; the Loud Cry, paralleling the second cleansing. Notice also the parallel about the second cleansing; Christ left the temple never to return; the Loud Cry is the final call of Mercy’s sweet voice…. ever.

24.) None question the application of Elijah to the end time events of God’s true people. Let’s look now at Malachi 4:5-6.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Too often we see bible texts in a physical, worldly sense. This is spiritual. The Elijah message was delivered by John the Baptist. The final remnant are to do the work that both these men pre-figured. The final remnant will be pointing people back to the old paths. Jeremiah 6:16 They will be giving a message they did not develop. It will be the original advent message, now given power and great force by the fourth angel of Revelation 18.

The hearts of the fathers of this faith have already been turned to the children, in that they left us a legacy of books. All that is left is for the hearts of the children to be turned back to the fathers faith and hope, that one true faith.

Sabbath Apr 24, 2010 9:55 AM

Ezekiel 9 – Part 34

15.) In Ezekiel 9 there are six angels. They are said to “have charge over the city.” No. 23, page 23, identifies the city as the church.

16.) Revelation 1:20, “the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches.” We think these angels are the same angels in Ezekiel 9, BECAUSE they have the charge of the church.

17.) In Ezekiel 9 there are only 6 angels. We think this is because the seventh angel kept not his estate. Jude 1:6

18.) Esau was the rightful owner of the birthright. He sold his spiritual birthright for worldly gain.

19.) Clearly the Laodicean church is not following Christ. Christ would never go and bow at the feet of the “man of sin” as the leadership of the GCSDA church has done. The Laodicean church is not opening the door to let Christ in. They have let in another spirit.

They have rejected the Spirit of Prophecy and counterfeited it. They have rejected the Authorized  King James Version of the Bible and are using a counterfeit.