Thursday December 31, 2009

The last day of this year. I can hardly believe it. I am amazed to see the year go by in such peace. Praise God for the peace we have at this time. Praise God for the four angels holding the four winds.

Were it not for his great mercy, I would be a lost man. Carried about with the winds of doctrines unthoughtof, as of now. At one point I was even questioning my understanding of the state of the dead. Unbelievable. Such is the nature of darkness and the deceptions of Satan.

Just back from a nice two mile walk in the moonlight, with some chemtrails clouds drifting by, just beautiful. I would love to capture some snapshots to share with you.

“The disposing of events is of his providence.” It is difficult for me to communicate the great peace of mind that has taken possession of me with regards to world events and more especially events within this country. Weather modification. Man has reached the conclusion that God is not doing his job, therefore man must step in and prevent global warming. Just yesterday I was reading an article on the earth’s magnetic-north core. It is moving to the east at something like 37 miles per year. That is fast. I suddenly got this flash-back to the movie, “The Core” where once again man decides that God is not doing his job so they must step in and be the saviours of the world. They are forgetting what God said right after the flood.

I see the darkness closing in with a satanic choke-hold on freedom in this country. It looks to me like this is very nearly the end of our freedoms.

Revelation 13: 12 tells us that this country is going to exercise “…all the power of the first beast before him….” and Amos 3:7 tells us that God has revealed all this to his servants the prophets, for the purpose of his people prospering, we are told in 2 Chronicles 20:20. God wants us to be safe in his arms, that when he brings his purposes to pass we will not be in the way of his judgments. Remember Lot. God could not do anything until he was safely out of the way. Plead with God to help you do his will.

This is a re-post from this past Sabbath, but it is necessary to chew on it some more at this point.

The solemn, sacred truth,–the testing message given us of God to communicate to the world,–lays every one of us under the strongest obligation to so transform our daily life and character that the power of the truth may be well represented.

If we are planning on going to Heaven, this is where we need to be, transforming our lives so we will be ready to live with the angels.

We should have a continual sense of the shortness of time, and of the fearful events which prophecy has declared must speedily take place.

I believe in the immediate second coming of Christ. All the timelines of prophecy have been fulfilled. We are simply in the waiting and watching time. Keeping ready, living in the great antitypical day of atonement, afflicting our souls, waiting before the Lord, ready to do his bidding.

It is because these truths are not made a reality that the life is so inconsistent with the truth which we profess. Many hide in the earth talents which should be invested where they will be accumulating to return to God when he shall say, “Give an account of thy stewardship.”

I used to have my talents buried in the earth, doing earthly business and nothing much for the Lord. I went to church, was very active in church projects, sat on the church board, but largely not really searching for that living water. I knew something was amiss, but what?

Moses became great, because he used his talents to do the work of God, and an increase of talents was then given him. He became eloquent, patient, self-reliant, and competent to do the greatest work ever intrusted to mortal man. This is the effect upon character whenever men give themselves to God with the whole soul, and listen for his commands that they may obey them. p. 128, Para. 2, [30OT].

Oh that we all might give ourselves to God with the whole soul, and listen for his commands that we may obey them. As for me, this I choose to do. I am sick of this world’s charms that bite in the end. The good life on this earth is nothing compared with Heaven, living forever and long enjoying the work of our hands. Isaiah 65:22

Willing obedience to God’s requirements gives vital energy and power to the soul. A work enduring as the sun is done for the worker as well as for those for whom he labors. However limited the capacity of the one who engages in this work, the labor which he performs in his humble sphere will be acceptable to God. p. 129, Para. 1, [30OT].

Here is a beautiful promise for you! Make the choice. Just make it. Give your whole heart to God and his service. I can verify to you that God will accept you, purify you, make you white, then try you to see just what you have become. Daniel 12:10

And of course, “All heaven watched with the deepest interest the reception of the message.” 1858 Great Controversy, page 171.

I invite you to embrace this message like no other thing or person before. It will save your life.

Wednesday December 30, 2009

“The disposing of events is of his providence.”
Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, page 213


Please refer back to yesterday’s post for some connecting links.

Here are some things we understand at this point.
1.) Everything, the sum total, all, events, happenings, all are of God’s providence.
2.) There seems to be two types of darkness, spiritual and physical.
3.) We live mostly an artificial life.
4.) The loud cry is going to change everything.

Today there are things happening all around us. Mostly, we are totally out of control, these things are just happening to us, and we have little response, except maybe to get mad or something. The following two items are important.

Item No. 1
Here is an article that identifies a potentially very large challenge for most people in America, and indeed will surly affect the world. It seems everything is a global deal these days. It is a coming food shortage, for 2010, brought about, in part, because of false reporting by the USDA. Just like the unemployment picture where government reporting is being used to manipulate the populace. You are going to need trust in God to get through this.

Item No. 2
War is a well known event used to get governments out of certain types of trouble. In this article we have a possible pointer for the next war. Even if it does happen it will have no bearing on end time events as we look to happen. We still must patiently wait….

So we have these challenges that are going to be “in your face” type of issues. Yet we have learned that all this is of God’s providence. “And I have created the waster to destroy.” Isaiah 54:16. We patiently wait for the signs that the end is near and for the call of the Spirit to go forth. It is an overwhelming darkness of a physical nature, but it forces a spiritual darkness to the forefront. We might not have made God the first consideration in our lives.

Living an artificial life exacerbates the problems because of a total dependence on others for just about everything. What we learn about something artificial is that it is fake, not real. Eggs do not really come from a store, they come from a chicken (or other animal). Now here is the rub. If you do not learn the truth, you can not teach the truth. If you do not teach your children where eggs really come from, they never learn the truth and have a flawed way of thinking.

I want to challenge you to become a farmer. Start right now. Determine to do whatever is necessary to grow your crop and get a harvest. As you sow, so shall you reap. Start right now growing your crop of trust in God.

You can start by reading the DayStar. Here is what you are looking for: “A glorious light shone all about their heads, and they were continually shouting and offering praises to God.” You will just be amazed at what will happen when you start out loud, vocally praising God. (This is, of course, forbidden in SDA circles.) Become unstoppable at praising God. Just do it continually. How does this help out your crop of trust in God? I can not tell, but it does work. I know.

The solution for all these things is the preparation for Heaven, which will automatically prepare you for giving the loud cry, which will fortify you to go through this and much more; you are going to become a criminal, in the eyes of the world, you know. Get ready for it.

Quick Update

I just found this text, PRAISE GOD!

Jeremiah 5:14, “I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.”

This goes with Obadiah 1:18, check it out.

Tuesday December 29, 2009

“The disposing of events is of his providence.”
Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, page 213

Evil angels crowded around them, pressing their darkness upon them, to shut out Jesus from their view, that their eyes might be drawn to the darkness that surrounded them, and they distrust God, and next murmur against him. Their only safety was in keeping their eyes directed upward. 1858 Great Controversy, page 183

Let’s take a look at the darkness. We think there are two types of darkness. One is the darkness of our physical reality; two, is the spiritual darkness of numerous last days errors and delusions.

Here in America, most people live in what some call an “artificial bubble.” This is so because we are much removed from the land. Many people think eggs and milk come from the store. Well, guess what, for those people, living in that reality, eggs and milk do come from the store. And it does not seem to be artificial.

In living a largely artificial life some things become hard to comprehend. We go to something called “school” and there we learn to “cram” for a test. Today is a tuesday, and the test is on this coming friday. So not having done the necessary work along the way over the previous months we now must “cram.”

Let me ask you this, “Have you ever seen a farmer play all spring, go golfing in the summer, enjoy hiking and camping in the late summer, early fall, and now must ‘cram’ in harvest time?” it just does not work. I do hope you get this point, because it bears on much we study.

We would stand in awe of the farmer who so acted. For the ground must be prepared in it’s time. The seed must be planted, in it’s time. The plants must be tended, in their time. And finally the harvest comes, in it’s time.

That’s the way preparation for Heaven happens, … in it’s time.

Do not delay. You, nor I, can “cram” for the test. It is a test of the heart. It is a test of the affections.

I am a mechanic. I was born with that as a talent. I just love to see a beautiful piece of machinery, with very close fitting parts, fresh from the machine shop. I have warm affection for beautifully machined pieces of metal. In fact, I have a 6 inch diameter disk of aluminum, 2 1/8 inches thick, faced off, or machined flat on one end, standing on edge, on my desk.

But here is what I have learned to do.

You can be a blessing to the church at M. You can be a pillar there even now, if you will come to the light, and walk in the light. God calls after you again. He seeks to reach you, girded about with selfishness as you are, and covered with the cares of this life. He invites you to withdraw your affections from the world, and place them upon heavenly things. In order to know the will of God, you must study it, rather than follow your inclinations, and the natural bent of your own mind. “What wilt thou have me to do,” should be the earnest, anxious inquiry of your heart. p. 70, Para. 2, [26OT].

This soul-purifying work led the affections away from worldly things, to a consecration never before experienced. p. 133, Para. 2, [GC58].

The first four commandments allow us no separation of the affections from God. Nor is anything allowed to divide, or share, our supreme delight in him. Whatever divides the
affections, and takes away from the soul supreme love to God, takes the form of an idol.
p. 79, Para. 4, [7OT].

We took a little side trip there, but a useful one nevertheless.

Back to our physical and spiritual darkness. Here in America we are witnessing the death throws of an empire, our home. Not because we did anything wrong. (see below) But because our “leaders” are just the biggest gang in town. They are in the process of raping this country of all they can, leaving the peoples in a shack.

What we did do wrong is allow ourselves to be brainwashed and dumbed down by satanic forces. This video only tells part of the story. T.V. is a huge culprit in this war for control of your mind. We have surrendered our ability to think to something, rightly, called, “The Breast.” And this nation has been sucking that “formula” for several decades now.

The makers of the formula have made changes over the years now and then, always inspired by Satan. Sometimes it has melamine, sometimes it has more or less fluoride, you get the picture.

But the No. 1 big all time ingredient in the formula is rebellion. Rebellion against God and his government, his law. This rebellion is the source of the GCSDA church leadership rejection of the Spirit of Prophecy.

And now, today, we have a bunch of rebellious boys, grown to manhood, in high places having their way with countries around the world. The evil in their hearts is only growing blacker. “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

God’s people, in giving the loud cry, cut directly across ALL these things with the s’word of God. And this is what causes the world to go mad with rage at the saints.

Great power was with these chosen ones. Said the angel, Look ye! My attention was turned to the wicked, or unbelievers. They were all astir. The zeal and power with the people of GOD had aroused and enraged them. Confusion, confusion, was on every side. I saw measures taken against this company, who were having the power and light of GOD. p. 186, Para. 3, [GC58].

We also think it is this s’word in the hand of the saints that is the fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 and Obadiah 1:18 for the word of God is also spoken of as a fire; Jeremiah 23:29, “Is not my word like as a fire?’ saith the Lord.” And is not this but the “Shaking” taking place every time some one receives the Testimony of the True Witness, the Spirit of Prophecy in verity, and the Holy Spirit dwelling within such a one, they pour forth the straight truth and get kicked out of the church, the very church that claims to love the Spirit of Prophecy.

I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen. I was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the true Witness to the Laodiceans. It will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver of the testimony, and it will lead to him to exalt the standard and pour forth the straight truth. This straight testimony some will not bear. They will rise up against it, and this will cause a shaking among GOD’S people. p. 184, Para. 3, [GC58].

This rising up against the testimony of God’s ambassador is in fulfillment of Obadiah 1:1, just like the Jews fulfilled prophecy with their actions against Christ.

{To be continued …}

Monday December 28, 2009

We have been looking at the prophet John the baptist as a type or “representative of the people of God in the last days, to whom God has committed important and solemn truths.” Today we need to bring other material to bear on the point.

Here is the 1858 Great Controversy, pages 169-172. (Which book I love.)
“I was pointed back to the proclamation of the first advent of CHRIST. John was sent in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way for JESUS’ coming.

{{{Just like we are being sent in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way for Jesus’ coming. }}}

Those who rejected the testimony of John were not benefited by the teachings of JESUS. Their opposition to the proclamation of his first advent placed them where they could not readily receive the strongest evidence of his being the MESSIAH. Satan led on those who rejected the message of John to go still further, to reject JESUS and crucify him. In doing this, they placed themselves where they could not receive the blessing on the day of Pentecost, which would have taught them the way into the heavenly Sanctuary. The rending of the vail of the temple showed that the Jewish sacrifices and ordinances would no longer be received. The great Sacrifice had been offered, and had been accepted, and the Holy Spirit which descended on the day of Pentecost carried the minds of the disciples from the earthly Sanctuary to the heavenly, where JESUS had entered by his own blood, and shed upon his disciples the benefits of his atonement. The Jews were left in complete deception and total darkness. They lost all the light they might have had upon the plan of salvation, and still trusted in their useless sacrifices and offerings. They could not be benefited by the mediation of CHRIST in the Holy place. The heavenly Sanctuary had taken the place of the earthly, yet they had no knowledge of the way to the heavenly.” p. 169, Para. 1, [GC58].

“Many look with horror at the course the Jews pursued toward JESUS in rejecting and crucifying him. And as they read the history of his shameful abuse, they think they love CHRIST, and would not have denied him like Peter, or crucified him like the Jews. But GOD who has witnessed their professed sympathy for his Son, has proved them, and has brought to the test that love which they professed for JESUS.” p. 170, Para. 1, [GC58].

“All heaven watched with the deepest interest the reception of the message. But many who profess to love JESUS, and who shed tears as they read the story of the cross, instead of receiving the message with gladness, are stirred, with anger, and deride the good news of JESUS’ coming, and declare it to be delusion. They would not fellowship those who loved his appearing, but hated them, and shut them out of the churches. Those who rejected the first message could not be benefited by the second, and were not benefited by the midnight cry, which was to prepare them to enter with JESUS by faith into the Most Holy place of the heavenly Sanctuary. And by rejecting the two former messages, they can see no light in the third angel’s message, which shows the way into the Most Holy place. I saw that the nominal churches, as the Jews crucified JESUS, had crucified these messages,

{{{We are going to skip ahead to page 197 in the same book. First paragraph of the chapter titled, “The Third Message Closed.”
“I was pointed down to the time when the third angel’s message was closing. The power of GOD had rested upon his people. They had accomplished their work, and were prepared for the trying hour before them. They had received the latter rain, or refreshing from the presence of the LORD, and the living testimony had been revived. The last great warning had sounded everywhere, and it had stirred up and enraged the inhabitants of earth, who would not receive the message.” p. 197, Para. 1, [GC58].

The living testimony had to be ‘revived’ because it had been ‘crucified.’ We believe the term ‘living testimony’ gives reference to much more than just the messages that have been crucified. }}}

and therefore they have no knowledge of the move made in heaven, or of the way into the Most Holy, and they cannot be benefited by the intercession of JESUS there. Like the Jews, who offered their useless sacrifices, they offer up their useless prayers to the apartment which JESUS has left, and Satan, pleased with the deception of the professed followers of CHRIST, fastens them in his snare, and assumes a religious character, and leads the minds of these professed Christians to himself, and works with his power, his signs and lying wonders.

{{{Check out this post for a more in depth comment on this point. Monday December 21, 2009. Satan is breathing on those who have rejected the Spirit of Prophecy his own unholy influence. In it there is light and much power, but no sweet love, joy and peace. }}}

Some he deceives in one way and some in another. He has different delusions prepared to affect different minds. Some look with horror upon one deception, while they readily receive another. Satan deceives some with Spiritualism. He also comes as an angel of light, and spreads his influence over the land. I saw false reformations everywhere. The churches were elated, and considered that GOD was marvelously working for them, when it was another spirit. It will die away and leave the world and the church in a worse condition than before.” p. 171, Para. 1, [GC58].

“I saw that GOD had honest children among the nominal Adventists,

{{{Here we are seeing that God is in the business of rescuing the honest at heart.}}}

and the fallen churches, and ministers and people will yet be called out from these churches, before the plagues shall be poured out, and they will gladly embrace the truth. Satan knows this, and before the loud cry of the third angel, raises an excitement in these religious bodies, that those who have rejected the truth may think GOD is with them. He hopes to deceive the honest, and lead them to think that GOD is still working for the churches. But the light will shine, and every one of the honest ones will leave the fallen churches, and take their stand with the remnant.” p. 172, Para. 1, [GC58].

Glorious Victory! What a day that will be!

Please remember the last words of the third angel, “Here is the patience of the saints…”
I believe in the immediate second coming of Christ. But we do have a peculiar position. It has been over 160 years since 1844. Soon we start a new year, one that promises great pain and suffering to many. Yet, now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. Hold fast with patience, watch unto prayer, wait.

Two more thoughts for your day.
“I saw that the testimony to the Laodiceans applied to God’s people at the present time, and the reason it has not accomplished a greater work, is because of the hardness of their hearts. But God has given the message time to do its work. The heart must be purified from sins which have so long shut Jesus out. This fearful message will do its work. When it was first presented, it led to close examination of heart. Sins were confessed, and the people of God were stirred everywhere. Nearly all believed that this message would end in the loud cry of the third angel. But as they failed to see the powerful work accomplished in a short time, many lost the effect of the message. I saw that this message would not accomplish its work in a few short months. It was designed to arouse the people of God, to discover to them their backslidings, and lead to zealous repentance, that they might be favored with the presence of Jesus, and be fitted for the loud cry of the third angel. As this message affected the heart it led to deep humility before God. Angels were sent in every direction to prepare unbelieving hearts for the truth. The cause of God began to rise, and his people were acquainted with their position.” p. 223, Para. 2, [2SG]. This is Volume 2 of Spiritual Gifts.

“God forbid that I should cease to warn you. Young friends, seek the Lord with all your heart. Come with zeal, and when you sincerely feel that without the help of God, you perish; when you pant after him as the hart panteth after the water-brooks, then will the Lord strengthen you speedily. Then will your peace pass all understanding. If you expect salvation, you must pray. Take time. Be not hurried and careless in your prayers. Beg of God to work in you a thorough reformation, that the fruits of his Spirit may dwell in you, and you shine as lights in the world. Be not a hindrance or curse to the cause of God; you can be a help, a blessing. Does Satan tell you that you cannot enjoy salvation, full and free? Believe him not.” p. 74, Para. 1, [4OT]. (Testimonies No. 4)

Sunday December 27, 2009

This study is a continuation of Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 2, pages 45-53. As always you are expected to read the context for yourself. Prove all things.

“The prophet John separated himself from his friends and kindred, and made his home in the wilderness. He denied himself of the ordinary comforts of life.

{{{ Is this the position of the people of God, the 144,000, in the last days? Are we to make our homes in the “wilderness?,” whatever that may be composed of? If John is one of our patterns because he represents the people of God in the last days, should we deny ourselves of ordinary comforts?}}}

His food was simple.

{{{Ok, so we have health reform, but check this out; “Grains and fruits prepared free from grease (this is an obvious reference to animal fat), and in as natural a condition as possible, should be the food for the tables of all who claim to be preparing for translation to Heaven.” Taken from No. 17, page 192, the very last page.}}}

His clothing was a garment made of hair-cloth, confined about the waist with a leather girdle.

{{{You know the Hippy movement, in the USA, broke down all barriers and now you can eat what you want to eat, wear what you want to wear, and nobody bats an eye or gives it a second thought.}}}

His parents had in a most solemn manner dedicated him to God from his birth.” p. 45, Para. 3, [2SP].

“The life of John, although passed in the wilderness, was not inactive. His separation from society did not make him gloomy and morose, neither was he unreconciled with his lonely life of hardship and privation. It was his choice to be secluded from the luxuries of life, and from depraved society.

{{{What will be my choice?}}}

He lived in the quiet retreat of the wilderness, and occasionally he mingled in society; but would not remain long where the moral atmosphere seemed to be polluted. He feared that the sight of his eyes and the hearing of his ears would so pervert his mind that he would lose a sense of the sinfulness of sin. A great work was before him, and it was necessary that he should form a character unbiased by any surrounding influence.” p. 46, Para. 1, [2SP].

“John did not feel strong enough to stand the great pressure of temptation he would meet in society.

{{{Feeling any pressure lately?}}}

He feared his character would be molded according to the prevailing customs of the Jews, and he chose the wilderness as his school, in which his mind could be properly educated and disciplined from God’s great book of nature. In the wilderness, John could the more readily deny himself and bring his appetite under control, and dress in accordance to natural simplicity. And there was nothing in the wilderness that would take his mind from meditation and prayer. Satan had access to John, even after he had closed every avenue in his power through which he would enter. But his habits of life were so pure and natural that he could discern the foe, and had strength of spirit and decision of character to resist him.” p. 47, Para. 1, [2SP].

“The state of public affairs when John’s work commenced, was unsettled. Discord and insurrection were prevailing, when the voice of John was first lifted up, like the sound of a trumpet pealing forth from the wilderness, thrilling the hearts of all who heard with a new and strange power.” p. 47, Para. 3, [2SP].

{{{The above two sentences I find to be quite interesting. Consider for a moment the unsettled state of public affairs OF THE WHOLE WORLD at this time. Could this also be a parallel? Read again Daniel 11:44, we think it refers to the loud cry being given and the response of the world to that event. }}}

“ It was the purpose of John to startle and arouse the people, and cause them to tremble because of their great wickedness. In simplicity and plainness he pointed out the errors and crimes of men. A power attended his words, and, reluctant as the people were to hear the denunciation of their unholy lives, yet they could not resist his words. He flattered none; neither would he receive flattery of any. The people, as if with common consent, came to him repenting, and confessing their sins, and were baptized of him in Jordan.” p. 48, Para. 1, [2SP].

“In the spirit and with the power of Elijah, John denounced the corruptions of the Jews, and raised his voice in reproving their prevailing sins.

{{{Here is another interesting point we will visit again and again. The Q is, Do the people of God cry aloud and spare not the GCSDA church, FIRST, before the rest of the world? This would appear to be a following of the pattern of the life of John, also of the disciples at the beginning of the Christian dispensation. Something to think and pray on.}}}

His discourses were plain, pointed, and convincing. Many were brought to repentance of their sins, and, as evidence of their repentance, were baptized of him in Jordan. This was the preparatory work for the ministry of Christ. Many were convicted because of the plain truths uttered by this faithful prophet; but, by rejecting the light, they became enshrouded in deeper darkness, so that they were fully prepared to turn from the evidences attending Jesus, that he was the true Messiah.” p. 48, Para. 3, [2SP].

“The whole Jewish nation seemed to be affected by the mission of John. The threatenings of God on account of their sins, repeated by the prophet, for a time alarmed them.” p. 50, Para. 1, [2SP].
{{{Today we are bombarded by warnings of any and all types. It de-sensitizes us to the real warnings.}}}

“The Jews had deceived themselves by misinterpreting the words of the Lord through his prophets, of his eternal favor to his people Israel.” p. 52, Para. 1, [2SP].

“Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the Lord of hosts is his name: If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me forever. Thus saith the Lord: If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.” Jer. 31:35-37. p. 52, Para. 2, [2SP].

These words the Jews applied to themselves. And because God had shown them so great favor and mercy, they flattered themselves that, notwithstanding their sins and iniquities, he would still retain them as his favored people, and shower especial blessings upon them. They misapplied the words of Jeremiah, and depended for their salvation upon being called the children of Abraham. If they had indeed been worthy of the name of Abraham’s children, they would have followed the righteous example of their father Abraham, and would have done the works of Abraham. p. 52, Para. 3, [2SP].

“This has been the danger of the people of God in all ages; and especially is this the danger of those living near the close of time.”

This is clearly the position of the GCSDA church membership, largely. My own father went to his grave believing in the church. And he, like oh so many others, would tell you to your face that the church is not going to save us, but you must belong to it. It is a fearful deception of the last days.

Sabbath Dec. 26, 2009 3:50 PM

We got to talking about Moses today. Then we got down to learning. Lord help us to learn.

This from Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, page 242.
“Even Moses could not go up at once into the mount; for he could not immediately approach so nigh unto God, and endure the exhibitions of his glory. Six days he was preparing to meet with God. His common thoughts and feelings must be put away. During six days he was devoting his thoughts to God, and sanctifying himself by meditation and prayer, before he could be prepared to converse with God.” p. 242, Para. 1, [1SP].

{{{I find it hard to get my mind around the idea of just how Holy God really is. It seems that I have little anchor for even the concept of just what ‘Holy’ is. Here is Moses, “sanctifying himself” by meditation and prayer; this sounds so like ‘eastern religion’ to me, it’s like “don’t touch” this thing. Yet here we can learn the truth, for God has condescended to come down to the minutia of life, (No. 20, page 42-49) to sweep away the trash and give his people in these last days a clear understanding of what we need to do, that whosoever will may be saved.}}}

Now we move to Testimonies No. 30, pages 126-129.
“The burden of God’s work, laid upon Moses, made him a man of power. While keeping, for so many years, the flocks of Jethro, he gained an experience that taught him true humility. But God’s call found Moses, as it will find us, inefficient, hesitating, and self-distrustful. The command to deliver Israel seemed overwhelming; but in the fear of God, Moses accepted the trust. Mark the result: he did not bring the work down to his deficiency; but in the strength of God he put forth the most earnest efforts to elevate and sanctify himself for his sacred mission. p. 126, Para. 1, [30OT].

{{{Here he is “sanctifying himself” again. I need to study this one out. I had thought that it was God that did the “sanctifying.” }}}

“Moses would never have been prepared for his position of trust, had he waited for God to do the work for him. Light from Heaven will come to those who feel the need of it, and who seek for it as for hidden treasures. But if we sink down into a state of inactivity, willing to be controlled by Satan’s power, God will not send his inspiration to us. Unless we exert to the utmost the powers which he has given us, we shall ever remain weak and inefficient. Much prayer, and the most vigorous exercise of the mind, are necessary if we would be prepared to do the work which God would intrust to us. Many never attain to the position which they might occupy, because they wait for God to do for them that which he has given them power to do for themselves. All who are fitted for usefulness in this life must be trained by the severest mental and moral discipline, and then God will assist them by combining divine power with human effort. p. 127, Para. 1, [30OT].

{{{This paragraph says so much it’s hard to know where to begin! One thing I love about the Testimony of Jesus is that you can count on it, it is solid, pure truth. So sink your teeth into this paragraph and bite off however much you think you need to chew on. This is big, very big, very important. Who is sufficient for these things? The question is asked, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” So who wants to be a part of the 144,000? Who wants to “sanctify himself” and put away common thoughts and feelings? Who wants to go to Heaven? and live in the sight of a Holy God, without an intercessor? }}}

“Many in _____ will fail, because they do not keep up with the advancement of the work, and do not properly represent in their daily life the sanctification of the truth. They do not, like Moses, bring their life up to meet the exalted standard. If they had done this, many more would now be added to their numbers, rejoicing in the truth. It is a fearful thing to lead souls away from Christ, by our unsanctified life. Our religion must be something more than a head religion. It must affect the heart, and then it will have a correcting influence upon the life. Wrong habits are not overcome by a single effort. Only through long and severe struggles is self mastered. This self-training must be taken up by the individual members of the church, and the rubbish which has accumulated around the door of the heart must be removed, ere they can serve God with singleness of purpose, adorning their profession by a wellordered life and a godly conversation. Then, and not till then, can they teach sinners the truth, and win souls to Jesus Christ. p. 127, Para. 2, [30OT].

“There are men in this church who feel that they should teach the truth to others, while they are fretful impatient, and fault-finding in their own families. Such need that one teach them, until they become patient, Godfearing men at home. They need to learn the first principles of true religion. They should seek God with earnestness of soul; for they have been a scourge in their families, and as a desolating hail to depress and destroy their brethren. These men do not deserve the name of husband,–“house-band,”–for they do not bind the family together with the Christian love, sympathy, and true dignity of a godly life and Christ-like character.” p. 128, Para. 1, [30OT].

“The solemn, sacred truth,–the testing message given us of God to communicate to the world,–lays every one of us under the strongest obligation to so transform our daily life and character that the power of the truth may be well represented. We should have a continual sense of the shortness of time, and of the fearful events which prophecy has declared must speedily take place. It is because these truths are not made a reality that the life is so inconsistent with the truth which we profess. Many hide in the earth talents which should be invested where they will be accumulating to return to God when he shall say, “Give an account of thy stewardship.” Moses became great, because he used his talents to do the work of God, and an increase of talents was then given him. He became eloquent, patient, self-reliant, and competent to do the greatest work ever intrusted to mortal man. This is the effect upon character whenever men give themselves to God with the whole soul, and listen for his commands that they may obey them.” p. 128, Para. 2, [30OT].

“Willing obedience to God’s requirements gives vital energy and power to the soul. A work enduring as the sun is done for the worker as well as for those for whom he labors. However limited the capacity of the one who engages in this work, the labor which he performs in his humble sphere will be acceptable to God.” p. 129, Para. 1, [30OT].

Let us turn to God for help and strength.

God Bless your Sabbath Rest

Sabbath December 26, 2009

This quote is from Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 2. pages 43-44

I urge upon you the necessity of a close study of the life of John. If you are a believer and have chosen to follow Christ, that means you are reading these words by the providence of God. There are specific lessons that are to be learned from a study of the life of John. I do not understand all there is to learn here, but the Holy Spirit will help you learn what you need to know, to carry out the will of God, in your life; it may well be different than what I need to learn; if we each look to Christ as our head, for instruction on, and power to do, the will of God, we will be united, in the truth, and in God.

“In the above words the angel Gabriel enjoined upon Zacharias that John should be brought up with strictly temperate habits.

{{{“Let your moderation be known unto all men.”  Philip. 4:5   I really have a hard time being moderate. This includes work, which for me is a tough one. I like to work. I like to carry the job to some point of completion, some point I can feel good about. We will get into this more later, but just do a search on the word “work” and see what you come up with. It seems that we are to use temperately the energy we have for the day. We need to reserve energy for prayer and meditation. Big stuff for me, it’s because it feels like I’m slacking. But God is training me, step by step.}}}

This was to secure to him physical, mental, and moral health, that he should be qualified for the important mission of making ready a people for the Lord.

{{{Since you are here, we have to assume that you are one of the people God is preparing to carry the message to “make ready a people for the Lord.” This means God is going to come close to you, with trials, the bitter cup, suffering, &c., that we may follow our leader Christ. These things are very important. }}}

In order to accomplish this great work, the Lord must work with him. The Spirit of God would be with John if he should be obedient to the requirement of the angel.” p. 43, Para. 1, [2SP].

{{{Obedience, what a trial to some. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. I really needed to learn more about God’s providence, therefore the bitter cup. I needed to get more centered in God. I needed to learn more about being a servant of the Most High.

The SDA church is in rebellion against the God of heaven. If they were on God’s side they never would have given a gold medallion to the Pope. You need to separate yourself from that church. They are drunk with the wine (doctrines) of Babylon, you must separate to get sober.}}}

A great work was before John, and in order for him to have a sound physical constitution, and mental and moral power, to do this work, he must control appetite and passion.

{{{I spoke with a lady once whom I considered to be a “butter ball.” She declared, “I like to eat.” Never considering the import of what she was doing. I did not have the problem of the lady but I did have a problem with passion. But because of the deep darkness I was in, I never considered the import of what I was doing. But PRAISE GOD! he is far more powerful than the devil and can help you just like he helped me. “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered.”}}}

John was to lead out as a reformer, and by his abstemious life, and plain dress, rebuke the intemperate habits, and the sinful extravagance, of the people. The indulgence of appetite in luxurious food, and the use of wine, were lessening physical strength, and weakening the intellect, so that crime and grievous sins did not appear sinful.

{{{Sin will never appear in it’s true light until you separate from the drunken.}}}

The angel Gabriel gave special directions to the parents of John in regard to temperance. A lesson was given upon health reform by one of the exalted angels from the throne of Heaven. John was to reform the children of Israel, and turn them to the Lord. He had the promise that God would work with him. He was “to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” p. 43, Para. 2, [2SP].

John was a representative of the people of God in the last days,

{{{Right here it is in text in your face. Here is the especial pattern we are to follow. Yet this will never lead us off track. In fact it will lead us closer and closer to God. Following this pattern and learning to love reproof, love moderation, love thy rod and thy staff for they comfort me, love God coming near, in judgment, if need be, in correction, if need be, at any cost of any thing I have, if need be. God be praised.}}}

to whom God has committed important and solemn truths.

{{{God has in these last days revealed and made available to all, copies of the original, authentic, Spirit of Prophecy writings, that all will be without excuse. No. 20, pages 42-49. I is my understanding that all who reject the Spirit of Prophecy will never be able to understand the three angel’s messages.}}}

The world at large are given to gluttony and the indulgence of base passions. The light of health reform is opened before the people of God at this day, that they may see the necessity of holding their appetites and passions under control of the higher powers of the mind.

{{{I remember my days at the Olive Branch Restaurant where we had a small store. It was located in Palo Alto, Calif., and the locals would not buy the Loma Linda foods because they would read the labels. This so-called ‘health food’ is just not fit to eat. Again, you must separate yourself from the drunken so that you can get sober to be able to see the light. }}}

This is also necessary, that they may have mental strength and clearness, to discern the sacred chain of truth, and turn from the bewitching errors and pleasing fables, that are flooding the world.

{{{Come out from among them and be separate. We have people believing in keeping the feasts, we have people believing it’s Ok to be homosexual, we have people believing there is no Holy Spirit; all major errors and sins that you must separate yourself from if you are going to have any part in this work, and finally in Heaven.}}}

Their work is to present before the people the pure doctrine of the Bible. Hence health reform finds its place in the preparatory work for the second appearing of Christ.” p. 44, Para. 1, [2SP].

If you knowingly reject the Spirit of Prophecy, or, just ignore it, you will close your own probation because you are rejecting the word of God, which he has given, to prepare you for Heaven, in his own appointed way.

Friday December 25, 2009

Here are some beautiful things about Christ. This also answers some important Q’s of many.

“Before Christ left Heaven and came into the world to die, he was taller than any of the angels. He was majestic and lovely. But when his ministry commenced, he was but little taller than the common size of men then living upon the earth. Had he come among men with his noble, heavenly form, his outward appearance would have attracted the minds of the people to himself, and he would have been received without the exercise of faith.” p. 39, Para. 2, [2SP].

{{{It is in Isaiah 53:2 that we are told this also. “For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.” I told some people once that I thought that Christ probably was on the ugly side of looks. They wanted to stone me. But you know, I did not write the Bible, I just read it. It’s like the Spirit of Prophecy, I did not write any of it, I just helped to uncover the counterfeit, revealing the authenticated, original, and I like to share it,…with the world.

“It was in the order of God that Christ should take upon himself the form and nature of fallen man,

{I so well remember all the trauma in discussions about the nature of Christ. Now I understand the seat of all the trouble. Many people just do not want to believe that Christ developed a character just like we have to. And that is the whole point of Christ living a life as fallen man, here on the earth, to show that it can be done. But that is also why he spent time in prayer, to his Father, just like we have to, to our Father, with Christ our elder brother, who showed us the way.}

“Christ came from the courts of glory to this sin-polluted world and humbled himself to humanity. He identified himself with our weaknesses. He was tempted in all points like as we are. Christ perfected a righteous character here upon the earth, not on his own account; for his character was pure and spotless, but for fallen man. His character he offers to man if he will accept it. The sinner, through repentance of his sins, and faith in Jesus Christ, and obedience to the perfect law of God, has the righteousness of Christ imputed to him, and it becomes his righteousness, and his name is recorded in the Lamb’s book of life. He becomes a child of God, a member of the royal family.” p. 56, Para. 1, [24OT]

“These three great leading temptations, Christ endured, and overcame in behalf of man, working out for him a righteous character because he knew man could not do this of himself.” p56}}}

that he might be made perfect through suffering, and himself endure the strength of Satan’s fierce temptations, that he might understand how to succor those who should be tempted. The faith of men in Christ as the Messiah was not to rest on the evidences of sight, and they believe on him because of his personal attractions, but because of the excellence of character found in him, which never had been found, neither could be, in another. All who loved virtue, purity, and holiness, would be drawn to Christ, and would see sufficient evidence of his being the Messiah foretold by prophecy that should come. Those who thus trusted in the word of God, would receive the benefits of the teachings of Christ, and finally of his atonement.” p. 39, Para. 3, [2SP].

“Christ came to call the attention of all men to his Father, teaching them repentance toward God. His work was to reconcile man to God. Although Christ did not come as he was expected, yet he came just as prophecy had marked out that he would come. Those who wished to believe, had sufficient grounds for their faith by referring to prophecy which predicted the coming of the Just One, and described the manner of his coming.” p. 40, Para. 1, [2SP].

“The pious Jews were looking, believing, and earnestly praying, for the coming of the Messiah. God could not manifest his glory and power to his people through a corrupt priesthood.

{{{Here again is a reference to the fact that God will not use or work through wicked people.}}}

The set time to favor his people had come. The faith of the Jews had become clouded, in consequence of their departure from God. Many of the leaders of the people brought in their own traditions, and enforced them upon the Jews, as the commandments of God.

{{{The fact that in the church communion is made to be “open” so that any can attend. This page here documents the true position of God’s people, to be separate as possible from unbelievers.}}}

The pious Jews believed, and trusted in God that he would not leave his people in this condition, to be a reproach to the heathen. He had, in time past, raised them up a deliverer when in their distress they had called upon him. From the predictions of the prophets, they thought the time appointed of God had arrived when Messiah would come. And when he should come, they would have a clear revelation of the divine will, and that their doctrines would be freed from the traditions and needless ceremonies which had confused their faith. The pious, aged Jews waited day and night for the coming Messiah, praying that they might see the Saviour before they died. They longed to see the cloud of ignorance and bigotry dispelled from the minds of the people.” p. 41, Para. 2, [2SP].

God Bless your study.

Thursday December 24, 2009

I need to tell you something about my study habits. Just a small part for right now.

I use the file manager “Windows Explorer” for all files on my machine.

I created a folder with all the files from “Prepare Ye the Way” CD copied to it.

I created a folder for all the files for Ellen G. White.

I created a folder for all the files that I consider to be counterfeited materials.

I created a folder for all the files that I understand to be authenticated as original material she wrote, usually published by James, with an original hardcopy safely stored somewhere. {I have an original of the 1858 GC, which I like to think that perhaps James handled it somewhere. It cost me almost $400.00. But now I have proof. I consider that very big.}

The importance of the above is this; I can use Adobe Reader to search only the authenticated materials as I study. It makes searches very fast, much easier to stay on point.

For instance, I search on the word, “christmas” in the authenticated materials, and in the 36 years, 1845 to 1881, of published works searched, it is not mentioned once.
And the search took 5 seconds.

I searched on the word, “holiday” and got two hits in 6 seconds.

Here is the first statement from No. 12.
“The young generally conduct themselves as though the precious hours of probation, while mercy lingers, are one grand holiday, and that they are placed in this world merely for their own amusement, to be gratified with a continued round of excitement.” p. 6, Para. 1, [12OT].

And the second statement from No.12 also.
“I was shown that it is not essential to our salvation, nor for the glory of God, for us to keep the mind laboring, even upon religious themes, constantly and excessively. There are amusements which we cannot approve, because Heaven condemns them, such as dancing, card playing, chess, checkers, &c. These amusements open the door for great evil. Their tendencies are not beneficial, but their influence upon the mind is to excite and produce in some minds a passion for those plays which lead to gambling, and dissolute lives. All such plays should be condemned by Christians. Something should be substituted in the place of these amusements. Something can be invented, perfectly harmless.” p. 25, Para. 1, [12OT].

“I saw that our holidays should not be spent in patterning after the world, yet they should not be passed by unnoticed, for this will bring dissatisfaction to our children. On these days when there is danger of our children partaking of evil influences, and becoming corrupted by the pleasures and excitement of the world, let the parents study to get up something to take the place of more dangerous amusements. Give your children to understand you have their happiness and best good in view.” p. 25, Para. 2, [12OT].

“Let families unite together and leave their occupations which have taxed them physically and mentally, and make an excursion out of the cities and villages a few miles into the country, by the side of a fine lake, or in a nice grove, where the scenery of nature is beautiful. They should provide themselves with plain, hygienic food, and spread their table under the shade of some tree, or under the canopy of heaven, provided with the very best fruits and grains. The ride, the exercise, and the scenery, will quicken the appetite, and they can come around a repast which kings might envy.” p. 25, Para. 3, [12OT].

“Parents and children on such occasions should feel as free as air from care, labors, or perplexities. Parents should become children with their children, making it as happy as possible for them. Let the whole day be given to recreation. Exercise of the muscles in the open air, for those whose employment has been within doors and sedentary, will be beneficial to health. All who can, should feel it a duty resting upon them to pursue this course. Nothing will be lost, but much gained. They can return to their occupations with new life and new courage to engage in their labor with new zeal. And such have gained much, for they are better prepared to resist disease.” p. 26, Para. 1, [12OT].

I found this material interesting and informative, I hope you did too.

Here is the list of books I use.

God Bless you.